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Hi small upgrade problem

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  • Hi small upgrade problem

    Hi i just upgraded to 3.8.1 and in my navbar a new link was added "community" very nice addon but the link for the albums is wrong on the homepage only, it is correct anywhere else on the forum.

    the link from the homepage is

    yet from anywhere else on the forum it is

    how do i change this?

    i have a test account and will pm login details if needed.

    also my news feed is not working on my homepage after the upgrade, we use it to announce winners of our competitions etc, or is there a new way of displaying a post as news on the homepage?

    thanks for your help

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    You need to contact vBAdvanced support about this:

    You might need to upgrade your version of vBAdvanced.


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      what is the latest version of Vbadvanced? i am running CMPS v3.0.1


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        You need to ask at their forums.
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          You need to ask them. I see 3.1.0 on their site.


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