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  • Embedding Youtube

    I was trying to set it up so youtube videos could be embedded in posts. It says that this is "strongly discouraged"

    What is the deal on this?


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    I used the link above, works a treat.


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      There's a way to do it without using a hack. Creating custom BB tags is how I did it, and my users are estatic about it. Several who use their Blackberries to connect to the forum say that it's seemless with the forum software; no more shutting down the browser to load the program that plays the video, etc.

      Here's how you do it using the custom BB tags:

      AdminCP > Custom BB Codes > Add new BB code

      What you're going to put in there is the embed HTML code that Youtube uses to embed the video. The way I did it the only thing that a user needs to input between the new BB tags is just the video number that appears after ?= in the link of the embed code.

      Attached below is a screenshot of how it's set up in the admincp as well as a text file with the UBB code. I think that it's best to utilize the built in features of vBulletin rather than using a hack if at all possible since upgrades can turn into a bloody nightmare with template reverts, etc.

      In the text file you'll see that I allow the objects to be 425 x 344. The {param} value is actually the Youtube video number that users input.

      The button for Youtube is optional, but it helps users who don't understand how to use the code. I made a VERY crude button for my forum, if you want it feel free to use it, it's attached below as well. I'm sure you could find a better one some place, but hey...I'm easy to please and it works.
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        Originally posted by Gweebs View Post

        I used the link above, works a treat.
        This isn't a Hack is it?

        The way I added it is exactly the same way as said by Beth....


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          I don't know, I just assumed that it was since it was on Sorry about that if that is the case.


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