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  • Installation help! Detailed

    Hi, so I will admit I am new to this, but think I will be able to catch on. So I purchased the VBulletin License.

    So I started following the instructions after downloading the files, and renamed and edited the config.php file in wordpad, then uploaded the files via SmartFTP.

    When uploading the Upload folder to a directory I created in Smart FTP in /public eg. Forum/ the files looked like they were all uploading ok, but then got some that I got this message ..

    [10:03:09] 550 image.php: No such file or directory

    So there is about 102 items that didn't seem to upload that have similar messages like

    [10:04:02] 550 picture.php: Permission denied

    Ok, so I realized a couple things, because I contacted my host provider, because I assumed it may be an issue with the config.php file, and realized that my current plan did not include database, php, and MySQL support. So I upgraded my plan.

    Sorry this is long just want to give lots of detail about what's going on, and if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. This seems to be a bit of a challenge but I will be thrilled once I get it going.

    Ok so after I upgraded my plan, a bunch of the files were still in my hosting file manager control panel under the directory I created, so I deleted the config.php file under includes, because I know I made mistakes including 'dbname' which I didn't realize I needed to create first.

    So I went to database manager in my control panel, created a username and password and database within my hosting control panel, I then opened the config.php file on my hard drive, and changed the 'dbname' to the name of my database, and changed the user name and password to the username and password I created. Then using smart ftp, I uploaded the edited config.php file to the includes folder in uploads under the directory I made.

    So now I still have SmartFTP open and it keeps retrying to upload the files that don't seem to be working.

    [10:04:02] SIZE picture.php
    [10:04:02] 550 picture.php: Permission denied
    [10:04:02] SIZE picture_inlinemod.php
    [10:04:02] 550 picture_inlinemod.php: Permission denied


    so I kinda am assuming that maybe this is for people who paid for additional licenses or something, who know's...

    so the next thing I tried to do was enter my domain name in internet explorer... http:www ..... /public/forum/install/install.php and it says .. not found...

    ok so next thing I noticed is that I have a PHP Manager and PHP MYAdmin option in my control panel. So not sure if I need to use that?

    Talking with live support with my hosting is slightly frustrating as they don't offer support with installing third party software or files, but they did tell me a number eg. 455 it isn't that number but they said that that was the permission number. When I look at the file install.php in my control panel, there are checkmarks for permissions and a set permissions button.

    For Owner, Group, and Other there are boxes that can be checked for r w and x

    So a more helpful agent said for owner to check r and w, and then I can't remember what the other two were supposed to be checked, it was one check mark in each, I think either x or r???

    Ok so to let you guys know what else I see, is the new database directory, that is showing up in my file manager in control panel on my hosting. And PHP manger is set to PHP 5.0 enabled.

    I am thinking should I remove the Forum/upload files and try to upload them from scratch.

    Not sure what I am doing wrong here!

    Sorry this is so long!

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    Those look like errors returned by the FTP server. Your host can probably help with that.

    It also sounds like your FTP program still has those files queued up such that it tries to upload them again when you use your FTP program to upload the config file. Try emptying the queue in your FTP program for the purpose of uploading the config file.


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      Ok, this all just got so detailed, my web host is providing extremely vague support, and is not being helpful whatsoever. So here is what I am going to do, I am deleting everything I uploaded regarding VBulletin, deleting the database I created, and trying to start this installation from scratch, since whatever I have done is just getting overwhelming. I have a question, once this VBulletin is installed is it fairly easy to maintain, I didn't think I would have to learn everything about PHP, MySQL and Databases? All I wanted was to have a forum on my webpage. This seems like it is turning into an absolute nightmare.


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        Yes, once vBulletin is installed then it is easy to operate. It is controlled through a web page interface.


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