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Spam problem and mass posts remove

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  • Spam problem and mass posts remove


    I have a serious problem with my vbulletin .

    I am frequently spamed and before I upgrade the script I was able when it happen to remove all posts done by the same user in one time .

    Since the upgrade was done this option is no longer avaible when i remove spam posts .

    The guy spam any sections of the board and i need to lose a lot of time to remove post by post .

    I did not clean my board this time to show you the problem .

    If i ban and delete the user only the post i remove is removed and all others posts stay has guest .

    Please help

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    Step one - Ban user.
    Step two - From AdminCP, select Threads/Posts, then select Prune. At the bottom of the Prune screen is the option to Prune by username.
    Step three- Delete individual (Although I'd leave the name in the ban list so he can't reregister using the same info.)
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      Hi is their a way to delete all threads as simple, It's been 6 months sine my last login, and there are pile of spam


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        Mark them in each forum subcategory.

        scroll down and select delete as spam.
        Agree to ban the user.


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          Thanks Biker, you are a life saver!! worked great...
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            Just another thing on this. You would be better off going into your admin cp.
            Admin CP > Vbulletin Options (on the left) > Human Verification Manager > Question & Answer > Create your own questions and answers > Save > Yes

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