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    i am told by members that if they upload images as attachments in gif format that when they are displayed on the board they show as jpg's

    i have no idea if this matters but some are not happy about this - is there a setting to stop this - have had a quick look but cannot see anything

    further i am told that the jpg image is much poorer quality than the original uploaded file and that in many cases the file size is larger than the original

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      Originally posted by tony adams View Post
      Would it be possible for people, when they fix a problem, to tell us what they did to fix it?

      This thread is worthless.

      I search the forum, find someone else with the same question that I have, and then.... nothing.

      When you find a solution that you've asked about, please have the courtesy to post your findings so that it might help others with the same problem.


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        fair comment above - sorry - i was not wanting people to waste time answering - but once posted and the solution found you are correct - my reply was useless

        go to message attachment options and turn off resize image - that will do what it says and show the old message if the file is too big - you can then increase the size of the image file it attachment options if you want


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          The reason the gifs were being changed improperly is the GD lib does not have gif support. However ImageMagick does have slightly better resizing support, anytime an animated gif gets resized, its possible it will be messed up.


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