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  • GHC Webmaster
    Ok, by way of a workaround I applied a conditional to the hooks for the blocks in the MEMBERINFO template, but this would cause a problem if at some point I have more than one block on the first hook, cause it would hide them all.

    So I would still like to know why this conditional isn't working. Is this a bug maybe?

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  • GHC Webmaster
    started a topic Hiding Profile Tab

    Hiding Profile Tab


    I'm trying to hide specific profile tabs when the profile's owner is not in a specific usergroup, but my conditional is not working and I think it should:
    <if condition="$id == EPFP_tab_2 AND !is_member_of($userinfo, array(26,27))"><else />
    The normal block content
    I'm using this within the memberinfo_block template.

    In my opinion this should hide the tab with the id EPFP_tab_2 from profiles of users which are not a member of usergroups 26 and/or 27). But it doesn't. It hides the tab from all profiles.

    Using the two parts as separate conditionals doesn't work either.

    The first part of the condition seems to be working (otherwise the tab wouldn't be hidden). The second part doesn't work in this combination. But it does work fine when hiding stuff on other places within the profile. (For example the total posts fieldset in the Statistics tab.)

    Thanks for any help.



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