Edit: I found it, it's after $notifications_menubits in the navbar template.

I'm wondering where the closing </table> tag can be found for the the notifications pop-up.

If you wanna know the whole story:

I want to add a notification to the notifications pop-up menu. Trouble is I can't append it to to navbar_notifications_menubit because then it will repeat after ever menu item. So I need to figure out a way to either:
  • append this to the menu after it has been parsed
  • or enter it in the array that the template parses the menu items from

I've been looking at global.php trynna figure it out but I'm a bit lost, lol. I can write plug-ins to include custom templates just fine so if someone could figure out where the closing </table> tag is kept for the navbar_notification_menubit then hopefully I could just sneak it in before there. I have a nasty feeling it'll be in the JavaScript though :/

Any help would be much appreciated!