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Two issues I am hoping you can help with

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  • Two issues I am hoping you can help with

    Ok now I have just updated to vBulletin 3.8.0 and currently have a live board (which I am not touching at the moment) and a test board inwhich I am developing to become my new live board.

    Ok so the first issue I have and probably the most important one I am hoping you can help with the most involves my usergroup managers.

    When I go to edit usergroup permissions the usergroup for example Administrators - resets the permissions to how they were before I edited the permissions - however it creates a new usergroup called Administrators under custom usergroups and has the same permissions as the one I just tried to edit.

    Now this is a major problem to me and would be to anyone else getting the same error as it means you can not make boards viewable just to admins, if you install mods you can not make it where admins have so many permissions and registered users have other permissions.

    I had someone look at the board trying to install a mod but they said it was a faulty install - however I installed exactly the same way I have in the past.

    Now onto the second issue -
    When I go to edit the template I am using (CinVin Diamond) I get an error message saying:-

    Required variables have gone missing and execution can not continue. Please try again.

    This error can sometimes occur as a result of Suhosin / Hardened PHP being installed on your server. If you know that you have Suhosin running and you have access to the PHP configuration, try increasing the value of the following variables:
    • php_value
    • php_value suhosin.request.max_vars

    I do not have vbAdvanced on this website, and have edited the template in the past with no issues - it appears everytime I make a change to any CSS Details - it has never appeared before hand (vb3.7.x) it has only been since I have upgraded to vb3.8 -

    If anyone can help me with any of these It would be greatfully appreciated.

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    Problem Solved, admins/mods feel free to close - delete this thread.


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