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Profiles need work after upgrading to 3.8

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  • Profiles need work after upgrading to 3.8

    I finally upgraded from 3.6.5 to 3.8.0 and now I have a few little problems in the control panel.

    How can I get more black in this and less grey? Preferably, I'd like all the overly grey parts to be black with grey text. I know having a grey and black makes it difficult, and I usually end up having to edit a template or two. Can anyone tell me where I need to start to fix this?

    I also have this weird line in Profile Privacy. (See 2nd pic)
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    The colors are all in the CSS:

    Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> Main CSS (in the menu)

    This color map shows all classes:

    If you are trying to track down that gray background then just look on the CSS page for gray background boxes.


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      There are tons of them, though! My whole board is either grey or black! What I've found in the past is that there is no single color that won't screw up something else if I change it. It all has to do with having a two color scheme of black and grey, for some reason. I don't see anything that covers those particular areas in the link you provided. There is no profile template page. If I can find the right template and what to edit, I think I'll have to manually change the code to a different CSS selector for those areas.
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        I think it's alt2 colour but I'm not 100% sure.

        Try changing it to a colour that's more noticeable like red, so you can see if it's the correct one you're changing.


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          Problem is, if I change alt2, it's going to change a lot more than just that area. My alt1 and alt2 backgrounds are both grey, and need to be for the way I have the color scheme.

          Nope, alt2 background just changes the font at the bottom of the visitor message frame, and nothing else. A search of the templates for any of the text that's not showing brings up nothing.
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