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User Registration problem since upgrade

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  • User Registration problem since upgrade

    I require the following with new members:

    Register>Wait for email confirmation>wait for approval from admin

    It's not working. I have the following set up:

    Verify Email address in Registration
    Moderate New Members

    both set to yes. What am I missing?
    Have a great day! :cool:

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    How is it not working?

    What should happen is:

    1) The user registers and is put into the email confirmation group.

    2) The user clicks the activation link in the email they are sent.

    3) vBulletin activates the user and puts them into the moderation group.

    4) The admin approves or denies the registration:

    Admin CP -> Moderation -> Moderate Users


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      What is not working is putting the user in moderation. I registered a dummy name yeterday, and instead of making the new member wait for mod activation/approval, I clicked the link provided, and got right into the boards. I don't want this; I want the user to have to wait until the mod approves the new membership. I think I'm missing a step
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        What group is the user put into? Is it the moderation group? Maybe the moderation group has unintended forum access. Check the permissions for that group ((COPPA) Users Awaiting Moderation).


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          I just registered a new person going through the normal steps. The person got this message:

          vBulletin Message
          Thank you for registering, murph3. An email has been dispatched to with details on how to activate your account. Click here to return to where you were previously.

          yadda yadda...

          I logged in as admin, and murph3 is not even a member awaiting email confirmation? I'm going crazy here! LOL
          Have a great day! :cool:


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            What is their usergroup?

            Check the usergroupid of their usergroup:

            Admin CP -> Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager

            The email confirmation group is hard coded as usergroupid 3. Maybe you renamed the groups, but they should still be placed in usergroupid 3.


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              The are in id 3
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              Have a great day! :cool:


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                So they are in the email confirmation group after registering. It appears to be working correctly.


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                  But it's not. The register, and go right into the board after getting their link. After they click the link, they should be in Users awaiting confirmation, from a mod.
                  Have a great day! :cool:


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                    Check the permissions on usergroup 3. Usergroups->Usergroup Manager->Edit Usergroup(id: 3) GO
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