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Various 3.8.0 questions.

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  • Various 3.8.0 questions.

    I just upgraded to 3.8.0 and have various questions.

    1.) How can I completely disable the pm quickreply option?

    2.) I just tried the Google adsense thing, and it's nice, but I rather do it myselve. But I assigned my adsense with vBulletin. Do I have to make that undone or is it enough to leave the adsense option in the ACP disabled?

    3.) Lightbox navigation? What is it and where can I see that?

    4.) Maybe I'm looking at the wrong place but where do I find the:
    a.) * Private message reporting and
    b.) * Private message history
    c.) * Private message sorting and filtering. Or is 4c the one that you can sort by Title/Sender or Date? At the top of the pm list?

    I think that's all for now.
    Greetings, Black Tiger

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    1) I checked the code for this and it appears that the PM quick reply option has no off switch. This is probably a good idea for the suggestions forum:

    The other option is to manually remove it from the templates:

    Admin CP -> Styles & Templates -> Style Manager -> « » -> Private Message Templates -> pm_showpm

    This requires some HTML ability.

    2) To completely disassociate your account from our integrated Adsense you need to submit a request in the ticket system:

    Once that is done then you can redownload the files without the integrated Adsense.

    3) This is the lightbox:

    In 3.8 the lightbox has links to view the previous / next image so you don't have to leave the lightbox to view the next image in the post.

    4a) See this recent thread regarding PM reporting:

    4b) See this post about PM history:

    4c) You found the sort options. There are additional filtering options at the bottom of the PM list under Display Options.


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      Jake thanks again for the quick answers.

      Just a couple follow-ups remaining.

      2.) Adsense: Thank you, but is it necessary, or is it also possible to just leave it disabled maybe to make use of it at a later time? Does it make any difference?

      3.) Can you tell me the difference between the lightbox from 3.8.0 and 3.7.5? Because there is in 3.7.5. already a lightbox options for attached images.
      In the whatsnew it says "lightbox navigation", I only see lightbox display, no navigation. Waht is the navigation part?

      4a.) I will reply in that thread because then I have a problem too.

      Thanks again!
      Greetings, Black Tiger


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        2) It's not necessary. You can disable it now and re-enable it later.

        3) To see the difference you need a post with multiple image attachments.


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          When it's to be seen when there are multiple image attachments, all my questions here are answered. You can change the thread prefix to "solved" if you want (because I can't do it myself).

          Thank you for your support Jake!
          Greetings, Black Tiger


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            Must it be only one post and if the attachments are in different posts of thread?


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              Thank you for answering Voter, but my problems are solved already.
              Greetings, Black Tiger


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