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Social Groups - allow newest message to appear at the top?

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  • Social Groups - allow newest message to appear at the top?

    In the social groups, the order of messages is that the first message is at the top, and the newer messages go to the bottom - is there a way to have an option for the group owner to choose what order (ascending or descending) that the messages appear?

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    There is no option to change this order at this time that I can see.
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      bummer - I was looking for the same thing


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        Same here.


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          Have had a few requests from members already asking this.
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            My users don't like change too much, and I don't particularly like the change of putting the new posts at the end of the post. Seems like a change for no particular reason...


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              what they said


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                At first I thought this was odd...but it does follow Vbulletin continuity. This acts just like threads and posts. First post up top, last post at the bottom of a thread. For users used to using Vbulletin, it should not be anything new.

                Though (to play Devil's advocate)...for those used to the Facebook realm of Social Groups, new posts would go to the top.

                So, a option for either would be appropriate.


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                  Sure, it would have made sense when Social Groups were introduced in 3.7.X, but now that it's already something users are used to, changing it for no reason, or at the very least not giving the option to make new posts first or last in the thread should have been done (as in the regular vB, if you want to take the comparison that far), is something you would expect from an amateur hack and not the authors of vBulletin.



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                    It seems that the Social Group area needs a New Posts button - right now it takes a number of clicks to figure out if there has been any activity in the groups, which may be a reason people tend not to use that feature.
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                      Originally posted by Wayne Luke View Post
                      There is no option to change this order at this time that I can see.
                      Will this, or can this be changed in future updates? My members are asking why the most recent post is at the back end of the thread, instead of the first.

                      Maybe give the members the option on how to view the group discussions?
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                        Please feel free to make a feature request here:

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                          the problem before -

                          the problem with the first version of social groups was there was only one long thread with no replies - so as your social group message wall got to be 7 pages long, you'd have to go all the way to the end of the messages to read what was posted, and then after adding your post, go back through all the pages again to see what you added. But now that there is the reply feature, and they act more like normal threads, its not as big of a deal.


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