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  • Upgrading a huge forum

    I'm still on 3.8.10 and considering biting the bullet to migrate to vB5. Problem is, my forum is huge: 3/4 million threads, 10 million posts, 125 thousand users. Since upgrade processing is browser based, am I going to run into a problem with browser timeouts, etc? How much time is this actually going to take?

    I'm planning on building a testbed first with a new web server, new DB server, and doing a test install on a different URL. But once I've done that, do I have to rebuild the whole DB again from scratch to go live? I plan to promote the test server to the live server once testing is done, but I will obviously not have the posts from the time the DB snapshot was taken.

    I'm terrified of doing this.

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    Well, as far as I know when I was trying out vB 5 when it came out in 2012 it does have significant differences and how they work compared to vB 3. The problem is with having a huge database stored using MySQL or MariaDB is how long it will take for PHPMyAdmin to dump your backup data. I've used vBulletin since 2001 although I've forgotten my original email account linked to this support forum.

    Importing data can be a bit of a challenge when upgrading to a newer vBulletin version, so I had to remove my old posts and users who barely used my vBulletin website in order to proceed with my upgrade. Your forums are huge and got millions of posts and that can be hard...

    Personally, I won't recommend moving onto a different Forum software as importing from vBulletin to a different Forum could corrupt your data...


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      Firstly, if you have a large database don't use phpMyAdmin to back it up - use SSH as this is infinitely more reliable than a PHP script which may time out. The same goes for upgrading, anything larger than 1m threads (I'd even suggest lower than that!) - use SSH and the command line upgrader.
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        Yes, well Trevor does have a point and you will need to use or have someone use SSH like PuTTy.


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