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Horrible experience with upgrade

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  • Horrible experience with upgrade

    My webhost no longer supported php 5.2, so I had to upgrade vBulletin to 3.8.9. To avoid problems I couldn't solve, I paid for the professional installation, and was told that the forum should be fine running the new software. It seemed at first to be doing that until I noticed that there were no new posts and that I started getting emails complaining that people couldn't register. It turns out that an attempt at new registration gets to the "accept terms" page then gets an "access denied" page in response. Vbulletin support claims it's a server problem, the web host claims it's a vBulletin problem (surprised?) and I'm stuck with the exact problem I paid for to avoid. The only thing I've accomplished trying to sort this out is to learn how to access SSH and change chmod, but have gotten NOWHERE in resolving the problem. The forum is if anyone has any insight into what might be causing this problem. I'm not computer savvy enough to solve it myself, although that's what the support people seem to think I have to do. Frustrating . . .
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    I've been working on you, with your issue. The error as your getting is "Access Denied." this is NOT in any single vBulletin file. This cannot possibly be from our software. I suspect it is an issue with your webhosts configuration. I responded to your ticket, follow up with me and lets see if we can get this sorted.


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      Is there a way to do this by phone? My site has been down for weeks now since the upgrade, and every exchange of information is a 48 hour process through the ticket system. When I try to work on it myself, something else seems to get screwed up, because I don't know what I'm doing. Now the image icons don't show on the forum page.


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        Phone support isn't available during the non sales staff hours, which includes weekends and holidays.


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