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Backup forum still pointing to original location

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  • Backup forum still pointing to original location

    I'm getting ready to upgrade to v.4 so I decided to back everything up and restore to a test folder to perform a test upgrade on before going live. I restored my vBulletin files to a test location and also created a new database and restored everything from my live database into it. I changed the forum URL in vBulletin's options page too. However, when I open my test site, all the links still point to my live site if I hover over them. I'm sure I'm missing something, but just can't figure out what. Thanks for any help.

    Got it...I thought I edited the config.php file but apparently I didn't! Sorry about that.
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    When you changed the forum URL, did you do that via the admincp prior to doing the database backup, or did you do that directly in the database? If directly in the database, did you do it in both the settings and the datastore tables?

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