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  • debugging question re: plugin

    I have purchased and would like to get the iphone and droid mobile apps installed on my forums, but low and behold I need to upgrade to php5.2. Since php5.2 is not really supported in centos I built a new server with php5.3

    I rsynch'd my vb directories and dumped and restored the database.

    If I : define('DISABLE_HOOKS', true); in config.php my forums starts up fine.

    I have about 6 mods installed and have tried deactivating each of them one by one by setting all of their pugin id's to active=0 in the plugin table but vb still will not load and does not throw a single error on screen, via email and nothing is being written to my php log file.

    any suggestions on how to debug this problem. this is turning out to be a nightmare.

    I hate to cripple my live forum bu turning off all the plugins and them dumping the database over to my dev server but short of a methoidcal approch to debugging the problem I think that's my only alternative. If I knew getting the mobile apps installed would be so much work I would have talked the marking guys out of their decision to proceed.

    thanks in advance.

    ps: putting my live site at risk and attempting an upgrade from php 5.1.6 to php5.3 is not a solution.

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    You do not need to build a new server. php 5.x runs fine on centos. You can either compile it yourself or get rpms.


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      Originally posted by Zachery View Post
      You do not need to build a new server. php 5.x runs fine on centos. You can either compile it yourself or get rpms.
      yea? where?

      sorry to be skeptical but I hear this stuff all the time and there are always conflicts.

      my exiting LIVE Server is running: Redhat Enterprise Linux 5

      ps: I do not and will not compile PHP - been there done that - too many gotchas - I would really appreciate some help on the original question since I frigging hate Red Hat and only use Centos these days.

      thanks in advance.


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        0 gotcha's. I've been compiling php from source for 6~+ years now, there isn't really a big deal with compiling it from source. You do know that CentOS is RedHat unbranded right?
        That is why php 5.1.6 is what you get in CentOS because that what was "certified" as stable to SELL RedHat support to companies.

        Just googling gave me tons and TONS of results for rpm's and yum repos with up to date builds.


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          Zachary - thank you very much - my biggest fear is that one of my mods is not going to work after the php upgrade and then I'm stuck with a non-live - live forum.

          I have the living proof of that right now so I prefer to debug the new installation and get it right instead of attempting an upgrade on a forums that has over 3,000 active members visiting daily.

          I've compiled php from source dozens of time and prefer rpm's nowdays and yes I am aware that centos is the free version of redhat.


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            Do it on a test enviroment then. Like your home computer/server, or a friends server.


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              I've narrowed it down to VBseo 3.0 - as soon as the plugin is activated the forums software stop working - even the admin control panel.


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