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phpmyadmin is VB home page?

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  • phpmyadmin is VB home page?

    Must have done something silly with my install, or in phpmyadmin. The instal was a pain, I was unable to connect to the mysql database, I finally found something that says you need to change the database server name from 'localhost' to mysql' on line 53. I did that and was able to continue the install, sweet. From the admincp, in the top right it says 'Forum Home Page', but when I click on that...I get the login for phpmyadmin. Any ideas?


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    What does the link to the homepage look like? Copy the shortcut/link and paste it here.


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      Holy hell Zachery...48k posts? That's ridiculously impressive!

      url is - (let me know if you want the real url, I'd rather pm it to you until this is running and secure)

      Thanks very much for the reply btw.


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        If you right click and copy the url? You can pm me the url due to the nature of the security issue.

        Steve has 3~x as many posts as I do


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