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Correcting a Dumb Mistake

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  • Correcting a Dumb Mistake

    I was performing an upgrade from 3.8.6 PL1 to 3.8.7 this morning and did a really dumb thing. I copied a config file with the wrong info up to the production server. All of the files are now fixed and the website shows the correct version in the footer, but the control panel still indicates 3.8.6.PL1. I can run the upgrade over and over and it picks up at finalupgrade section. Any ideas on a repair procedure?

    Thanks for any help...

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    Just re-run the upgrade.


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      Re-running the upgrade should fix this
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        As I said in the OP, I run the upgrade over and fix. This was my logical solution too, but alas! It seems that the only thing that did not upgrade was whatever tells the Admin Panel whether or not there is an upgrade available. I have no clue what table to look at. Even the Admin CP login shows the correct version.


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          Reupload the files again, make sure ALL of the old files are overwritten, run the upgrade again.


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            Thank you. That corrected the problem. To satisfy my own curiosity, does the upgrade process modify one of the uploaded files? ...or do you suspect an error when I uploaded the files originally? I appreciate the quick replies, by the way.


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              No, it doesn't. I just assumed that one or more files did not get uploaded correctly.


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