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Overwrote test site with regular site config.php

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  • Overwrote test site with regular site config.php

    So, I accidently uploaded the config.php file from my regular site to my test site, in trying to test the upgrade from 3.6.8 to 3.8.6 In doing that the test upgrade, upgraded the wrong database. So now the database on my main site is upgrade to 3.8.6 but nothing else is. I'm seeing a few issues within templates and in the admincp (getting db errors on the front page of admincp). So far, that's all I'm seeing.

    My test board database is a few weeks old, but I'm sure my hosts do regular backups of my main database if I need to revert it. DO I need to do that, or should I just attempt to do the full upgrade to 3.8.6 on the main site? Should I change the db name in the config.php on the test site and redo the upgrade there (since that db didn't get upgraded) and see how it works with my add-ons?

    I've got Vblinks and VbArticles running in addition to Vbulletin, which is the main reason we were trying to do everything on a test server first.

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    Unless you have a backup of your production site, I think you're SOL.
    I'd upload all the new vB files and run the upgrade again on production.
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      Unfortunately albeit with less of a reference to feces lol but as Brandon above mentioned.. you might be out of luck (kidding w/ you Brandon ) the most important thing is to check with your host for the last backup, they could do hourly backups some host offer that it depends on who your with however long story short check with them now .

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        Just wanted to give a little update. Since everything seemed to be working ok on the main site (although a few things weren't looking quite right). I decided to just go ahead and update the main site (files) and at the same time update the test site database (by swapping out the db name on the config file, again). It worked out fine. I'm still working on getting all my templates like I want them (which I would have rather done on the test site first), BUT there's really been no major problems.

        :big sigh: Just happy to share that it wasn't as huge an issue as I thought it was when it first happened and I was able to fix everything without having to revert the database and lose any new posts.


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