I had a server crash running vb 3.8.3. I have restored the data and posts are showing up as they are supposed to; I am having problems with attachments.

They (attachments) were stored in the filesystem; and all the data was appropriately restored; however when I try and run the attachments statistics to rebuild the thumbs and attachments file I get 40000+ line errors with just simply the word to the right of the selected post that reads:

Processing: Attachment : (JPG) [2134] (Post : [32541] )Error

Occasionaly one will flash by that reads:

Processing: Attachment : (JPG) [2134] (Post : [32541] ) Not Enough Memory


Processing: Attachment : (JPG) [2134] (Post : [32541] )Error : Missing Attachment

I'm not certain what type of error it is or what is causing this.. .If I open a post with an attachment, obviously there is the framework for the attachment thumbnail; but a broken picture none the less.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated...

BTW: The config is confirmed to still be filestructure saved to ./attachments and this directory is confirmed as writeable; actually users have full control.