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    I am installing my first vbulletin forum and I need some help. First I purchased the owned licence then I put the url in the licence then I downloaded version 3.8.3 then I extracted the files. After that I edited off the .new from and uploaded tools.php to the admin folder. after I filled in databasename, tecnicalemail, master server, the username and password. Then I used filezilla to upload everything inside insidethe upload folder to my server. I finally got to the part were you enter the http url with the install/install.php ending but the web browser just took me to the blank page were I want my forum, but there was no vbulletin installer. Can someone please help me, I'm not sure what I should do?

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    This you should not have done:

    >> uploaded tools.php to the admin folder

    Delete the tools.php file from your server and instead do this:

    Now that you have changed to condig.php you need to edit the config.php file and add in your information between the single quotes to the right of the equal sign, FTP that edited version to the server, and then call the following link from your browser:



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      Thank yo but I did what you said [deleted tol.php and made sure that the information was corect. I did this with the file manager on my host because it took realy lng to upload. Then I rentered the url and I still got the blank pagwe of my site were I want my foru


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        ditto what the first post said that is my problem also but this is the error im getting.

        Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '@' in /hermes/web02/b2190/moo.accent2k2/forums/includes/config.php on line 40


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          Please double check all the values you entered in the config.php file with your host. Best guess is that one of them is wrong. Also please see this for causes of, and possible resolutions to, blank or 'white' pages:


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            Thanks again, I double checked the values and I'm almost serten that they are correct. Then I read the causes of blank pages. 1,7 9, 14 are out because I am still trying to set up my board. Then I deleted any extra spaces but still there was no change. Then I tryed putting the disable_hooks, true but that dident change anything. Then I tryed cganging the localhost to the exact ip adress but that dident change anything. Then I tryed the display_error, true but still nothing. I dont understand the magic_quotes, corrupted template, phpinfo page, or memory_limit questions. If I am correct it must be one of these but I would apreseate it if someone told me what they are and how to reverse the problems.


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              Given that yours is a new install, there is probably a typo in the config.php file. Please fill out a support ticket at and please provide when you entered into the config.php file in the Sensitive Data box.


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                Ok thank you, but when you say 'when you entered into the config.php file in the sensetive data box' I am not sure what you mean by that. I understand the submite a ticet but I'm not sure what information I should put in it.


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                  Oops, typo. Please provide what you entered into the config.php file in the Sensitive Data box.


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