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    New to Vbulletin I uploaded first to a dir called forums - when that failed I moved all install files to the public / root but i get the same issue when running the install.php (i have deleted an index.htm that was on the root )- but I'm encountering the following install error - has anybody seen it before or know where / what I should do to get this resolved

    When running install.php I get the first screen entering my customer ID just the error keeps returning me to it - I'm entering my customer ID correctly and I have altered the forum / license details to point to the root url - I've also checked file permissions on both the config.php and authenticate.php which are mentioned in the error I get and set them to 777 to see if that would resolve the issue but no joy

    Here is what I get

    Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/p56511r9/public_html/includes/config.php:1) in /home/p56511r9/public_html/install/authenticate.php on line 55

    Customer number entered successfully.

    At which point it returns me to the enter customer details page

    Thanks in Advance
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    When you edited the config.php file you may have left some blank spaces at the beginning check your edits to that file. - Everything Copier , Printer, Fax


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      hi Copiertalk - thanks for replying

      I've checked the config.php but cant see any blanks left? I also made sure nothing precedes the >?php - so no white spaces etc
      guessing the issue is with the config.php file somewhere but lost as to what

      I've been trying to do this myself for about 12 -14 hours now and I totally give up - I've raised a support ticket but the response is non existent so far

      Does anybody have any ideas? I chose to go with VBulletin because I've seen so much good stuff about it - right now though I'm rapidly losing all faith

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