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URL will change, can I prevent broken links?

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  • URL will change, can I prevent broken links?

    Hi all, I'll be moving my vb database to another server this weekend, and also onto a new domain name. Is there any way I can update the database so that all links referencing current domain name can be replaced with the new one? Cheers.

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    Similar issue

    I have a similar issue in that I have changed servers and domain names, although, I decided to leave my forum in the old domain name which is now an add on and not the main domain. I have uploaded the new version on the new server and had transfered the old forum data base to the new server. I have managed to install but ...

    How do I get the data from the data base to show up on the new installation? Is this even possible? I am sure this is a newbie question but any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated.


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      would also like help with this.


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