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How to hide empty custom profile fields in postbit

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  • How to hide empty custom profile fields in postbit

    Is this possible in vB Cloud? I've added a couple of custom CPFs, and selected the option to show them in the postbit. They look great when members fill them out, but a little strange when they're empty. I'd just like to add a conditional somewhere that states to only show them in the postbit if the user has actually filled them out.

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    Hmm. There is no way to hide empty fields on vBulletin Cloud. They should be hidden automatically in my opinion. This really seems like a bug so I will create a bug report on it.
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      Fantastic, thanks very much as always Wayne. My postbit OCD is boundless and having empty fields showing up is giving me heartburn...


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        I have the same issue, but am on my own server install. How can I fix it with a template edit until your bug fix is implemented?
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