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Clone Site. And Video Uploads

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  • Clone Site. And Video Uploads

    Three questions
    1. Can my site be cloned??? Meaning I can put it on another address. But on same server with you guys etc. Etc. And regardless who posts on what forum. BOTH sites will get the same info. Or kinda update every 24 hours to be the same 2 siteso with the same info. And posts. Just curious. As id have it done myself. If possible

    2. I have a video on my phone. Or computer. How do I upload it to my site. And then make it act like a YouTube video to stream on my site. Along with a preview picture???. Or is there video software I can have. Or use that is only exclusive to my site thanks. I want to keep away from YouTube and other sites

    Can I upload audio files too. Like phone calls I record. Can they be streamed on my forum. If so how too please

    Thanks in advance. Brilliantly brilliant software
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    1. No. Well, a clone of your site can be made. However, the copies will not be kept in sync. There is no functionality for this.

    2. You can upload videos as attachments to your post provided that you have added the file type under Attachments -> Attachment Type Manager in the AdminCP. There is currently no functionality to automatically embed the video like YouTube. It is recommended to upload to YouTube and link to it with the Link/Video content type if you wish to have the video embedded.

    3. You can upload any file you desire as long as you add the file type under Attachments -> Attachment Type Manager. There is currently no functionality to embed Audio files in a post though.
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      OK Thanks


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