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  • HTML MODULE popup in every page

    Hi Im a beginner in Vbulletin.
    I added a html module before with pictures in a specific page(channel). It did it as a expected.
    Now I trying to do the same thing. But this time it is comming in every channel.
    I checked the other channels in the edit-page, and it gets a html module added.All the channels get it. its really weird.
    Please help me with this

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    By default all channels share the same "Page Template" so a change made to one will affect all of them. To prevent this from occurring do this:
    1. Edit the page.
    2. Save the page.
    3. Set "Overwrite Template" to No.
    4. Give your new template a name. I suggest something like %Channel_Name% Template. Where %Channel_Name% is the name of the channel.
    5. Finish saving the page.
    6. Edit the page again.
    7. Add your channel specific modules.
    8. Save the modules.
    9. Save the page.
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