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Reduce likelihood of vBulletin email going to spam

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  • Reduce likelihood of vBulletin email going to spam

    Our vBulletin site is in the vB cloud, so we do not have a domain with the software on.

    1. Does Webmaster's email address (Site Name / contact details) affect whether or not an email MIGHT be regarded as spam on the recipient's end? I'm asking this because my email address (which I use as the webmaster's address) is based on a different domain than the address to our vB site.

    2. Since we do not own the domain that our vBulletin site sits on on, does rDNS become an issue? Is there a way around this if so?

    3. Would asking organizations that participate in our forum to whitelist us reduce the likelihood of our email going to spam?

    4. Are there any other settings or strategies that might affect whether or not our forum email to reduce the likelihood of our email going to spam?

    Thank you.

    Rich Williams

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    1. Yes. This email should match that of the site's domain. On vBulletin cloud, we can set up a forwarding email that matches your domain name. Please send a request via support ticket by clicking the "Submit Ticket" link in the footer or emailing [email protected].

    2. rDNS makes sure that the email originated from the location that it says it did. With vBulletin Cloud, a third-party SMTP Server ( is used. They would provide the rDNS based on their server.

    3. It would reduce the likelihood that it is marked as spam for those organizations or individuals. This is local and can override the server or client's spam designation. Some servers prevent email they mark as spam from ever reaching the client.

    4. Using a custom domain name is one of the best ways to prevent emails from being marked as spam. Letting your user's know that they can opt-out of emails on their Settings -> Notifications page can help prevent them from marking items as spam that are not.

    Which emails were marked as spam from your account?
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      Thanks Wayne ... Off hand, I'm not sure if the emails marked as spam were emails they received when being welcomed to the site or notifications of new posts. Now that we're actively pursuing this, I'll do what I can to track this from this point forward.
      1. Thanks for this info. I'll take care of this.
      2. It sounds like rDNS is taken care of, so I need not worry.
      3. Thanks ... I'll do what I can with this.
      4. Using a "custom domain name," I take it to mean that we get a domain name and have it point to our forum on vB's site?
      Thank you again.


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