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  • Advanced Search Page Style Settings Question

    I have set my articles page to the home page and set it as a category. I have also made a sub channel to that page so I can have a separate page for posting a different kind of articles and not spam out the front page with daily new articles. Each channel has it's own style so I can have unique header images on them all. However now the unique header image for this secondary article page appears on my search page and the membership page. I would like to have those pages have the default forum header image, but if I change their style to the main style the sub-channel reverts to it also and I can't seem to fix it. All links are in the navigation bar and I thought it might be because the sub-channel was before the other two channels, but moving it made no difference. If one style changes they all do.

    I can't find Advanced Search or Membership in the channels list in the Admin CP so I can't create a unique style for them to fix this problem

    Is there a work around for this issue?

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    Advanced Search and Membership are not channels. They are pages. They would use the style that is specified as the default style under Settings -> Options -> Style & Language Settings. You would have to change the logo in that style without applying it to all other styles. If any channel uses the same style, then they will change logos as well. To keep a separate logo for each channel, you need to make a new style for each channel and assign it in the AdminCP under Channel Management -> Channel Manager.

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      Thank you. I did assign separate styles and create custom header logos for each channel. I was perplexed and remain so as to why my game recap style has become the default style. I even changed it and then it changed back on its own. I will have to play with it, but for now it's good to have an answer.


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        Yeah I don't know what's going on. Maybe it's becuase I created the game recap channel as a child style to the home channel (articles channel) so I could have a second page for specific articles.

        Every time I do anything with the game recap channel it becomes the default style and nothing I do can undo it. If I change the home style to the main style the game recap loses it's unique header and then the others are fine but when I then change the game recap back to it's own style the others change too.


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