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    I am attempting to restrict the usage of tags to a group of pre-defined tags. To do so, I went to Settings > Options > Tagging Options and entered them into "Topic Tag Allowed Words". I noticed though, that when adding a topic and choosing the tagging link that tags weren't shown in the group of tags. I created a post with the tags that I entered in tagging options. Then the tags displayed in a new post. I noticed that I could also add tags that weren't in the list.

    How does "Topic Tag Allowed Words" interact with tags the user can see since more than those Allowed tags can be seen - it seems all tags can be seen.

    Does vBulletin have a function to create tag clouds? If so, where?

    Thank you.

    Rich Williams

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    From the option description:
    Words entered here will be allowed as tags, regardless of whether or not their use would be otherwise disallowed due to length, censorship, commonality etc.
    From the inline help:
    Before any checks for tag title length or content are carried out, the system will look to see if the word specified is included in this list.

    If it is found, all other checks are bypassed and the word will be allowed, regardless of censorship, word length etc.
    The "Topic Tag Allowed Words" field is specifically to override words not allowed in other areas line the Censorship Word list. It does not restrict users to a specific list of allowed tags. Users can use any word as a tag. Unless the word is specifically listed in the "Topic Tag Banned Words" setting.

    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
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