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  • loading unproportionate

    I just noticed on mobile devices that some of my pages are loading unproportionately. For example, this page:

    Loads up on a mobile phone but the tables shoot way off the page and out of the post. I am now having some users bring up the issue. The second thing I noticed is if I open my website on Chrome mobile I get a random line that appears on my page for a long while before it finally goes away. Is there a way to correct these bugs?

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    I guess it's because of the table itself. Thats a common issue (or no issue, since it is a responsive theme).


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      It is indeed because of the table. It can happen on desktop displays too depending on the size.

      It isn't really a bug. The table doesn't fit the viewport.

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        Converting tables to work properly on multiple different screen sizes is a difficult process. This isn't a bug simply because it is a design issue. The design can be improved.

        vBulletin doesn't actually know you screen size when it sends the code to the device. The problem with HTML tables is that they are difficult to manipulate with CSS. That is primarily what we use to draw the screen regardless of the device it is on. Our table implementation can be improved but the priority doesn't justify the amount of work involved at the moment.
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