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  • Attachment viewing permission settings

    Where are the settings for attachment viewing? I see Usergroup permissions for users to upload attachments, but if they are simply reading posts and there are attachments to view, right now the registered user setting seems to be blocking attachments just appearing. It says click image for larger version and there is no thumbnail and a link to open it instead.

    If I login as the admin and view the board, the attachments work fine.

    So somehow I am restricting the registered user from seeing the display attachments and forcing them to click to see instead, and cannot find where I have done that.
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    There should be two permissions in the Usergroups -> Channel Permissions area... Can Download Image Attachments and Can Download Non-Image Attachments.

    When dealing with channel permissions, children will inherit permissions from their parents if they are not already customized.
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      I notice this DOES NOT happen when I use the camera icon to share photos. The above happened when I used upload attachments instead.


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        Yes, let me try that. I don't know why those were set to no.


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          Excellent, thanks Wayne


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