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  • Wayne Luke
    The maximum image dimensions that can be uploaded on Cloud are 4608 X 4608. Mobile phones don't store images this large even if they have a larger megapixel camera. They reduce it down automatically. These maximum values cannot be edited on Cloud.

    However, when an image is uploaded, the system will try to resize it to 1440 X 900 at 900,000 bytes. Much less if this was a migration from vBulletin 3 or 4. You can adjust these values in the AdminCP, like always, under Attachments -> Attachment Type Manager. Facebook does the same thing and resizes every image that is uploaded.

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  • JChaz
    started a topic Image size too large for upload

    Image size too large for upload

    Is there anything I can do to resolve the problem of uploading images direct from mobiles or other devices. The forum relies on the ability to put images up and the size taken on any phone these days appears to be just to big to handle. The users on my forum are not the most techie minded, so any difficulty and they give up. The number of posts has dropped dramatically since the change to vBulletin Cloud and I seem to be losing regular posters because of it.

    It looks to me like the site is dying, mainly because of the difficulty with images. They are used to just uploading as per FB and other social media platforms, so the seem to be drifting away from forum use to FB groups and other forums.

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