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    ok so the long and short of it is, i had a reply back from vbulletin regarding an error message i was getting, turns out he said it was an error in the DNS settings. so i added a CNAME and the site stopped loading. i removed that CNAME the day after, so now it just needs to propagate. this was last tuesday. got to friday and still no signs of working, called godaddy, he said to remove the ''forwarding'' so it becomes ''parked'' then re-install the forwarding details. done that friday, still the site does not load.

    any ideas?

    the web address that vbulletin uses works fine, just not that domain name fails to load the site

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    There shouldn't be any parked domain or forwarder pointing to vBulletin Cloud. These will not work.

    Your CNAME needs to point to the domain that you were provided.
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