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Database too big after upgrade

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  • Database too big after upgrade

    A notification has arrived that our database is too big. The strange thing is that since yesterday it was 1.4 BG I found it 2GB today! The limit is 1GB on Siteground (with the old VB4 never had a problem, always about 750 MB maximum for years!). Optimized the database with PHPmy admin returned a 1.4 GB which are still too many. From Siteground they told us it could be a bug, does anyone know anything about it?
    The forum was updated directly by VBulletin's assistance (so I think perfectly), I didn't know how to do it and so I asked for assistance.

    Thank you

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    Is this relating to a cloud site? As you have posted it in the cloud section.

    The difference is extremely important.

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      It isn't a bug. A vBulletin 5 database is larger than a vBulletin 4.X database due to a number of factors. Twice the size is the average. However, those factors also allow the database to perform better.

      If you are storing Custom Avatars and Attachments within the database, you can save a bit of space by moving them to the File System. This is recommended for performance reasons as it is.
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