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  • Copy topic issue

    This happens quite often

    Copy topic to another forum
    Receive invalid Node warning
    Topic still was copied to new forum
    Topic now resides in both forums but still has the original url.
    If you edit it in one forum, the changes take place in the other

    Here are the two

    It was copied to (Node ID: 23873) There you will find it with the same exact url
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    Will this require a ticket?
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      Sorry... Been dealing with personal issues that have taken a large amount of time.

      I've never experienced this but to be honest I don't see much point in having two iterations of the same topic and would use move topic myself. I'll have to dig into your database to see if I can find out what is happening.
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        Ok thanks
        We copy topics to a special reference area. Many times it works fine and other times this happens
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