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Adding External Tracking Code (HubSpot)

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  • Wayne Luke
    You can place the code in one of the header ad slots. That would be between the <body> and </body> tags but not directly above </body>. It will also show on all pages.

    Hopefully we will have a better solution in the near future.

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  • Blake Reichenbach
    started a topic Adding External Tracking Code (HubSpot)

    Adding External Tracking Code (HubSpot)

    Hey vBulletin crew!

    I'm looking to add HubSpot's tracking code to my forum, but I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out where to best place it. The HubSpot code needs to be placed before the closing </body> tag, so I can't place it in the header HTML alongside my Google Analytics tracking. I suppose I could add an HTML module to the bottom of each page individually and wrap the code like <span style="display: none;">{{ code }} </span>, but that definitely wouldn't be ideal since I'd have to do it for each page individually, and it wouldn't be applied dynamically to things like user profile pages or new pages that I create down the road.

    Any insight into how to locate the footer HTML/ add a tracking code inside the body tag universally would be greatly appreciated!

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