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  • Wayne Luke
    When I visit your site, I see that you have Registration disabled. If you are adding users via the AdminCP, then no email will be sent. This is only for people who register themselves at your site.

    If you go to your AdminCP then go to Usergroups -> Usergroup Manager. You will see that you have a group labeled "Users Awaiting Email Confirmation". This is where people who register themselves would be placed until they verify their email address. You currently have one user in this usergroup.

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  • GregBCE
    started a topic Verification Emails

    Verification Emails

    On my forum, under Registration Options, I have Verify Email Address in Registration set to yes, but it doesn't appear to send a verification email out, nor do I have a Users Awaiting Verification Group. I've tried several test cases and it doesn't appear to work. Is there some other contingent setting that has to be turned on?

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