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difference between channel permissions and usergroup permissions?

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  • difference between channel permissions and usergroup permissions?

    HI all.

    I am confused about the difference between a channel permission and a usergroup permission. If in AdminCP, the channel permissions for registered users are that they can't delete their own posts, but in the Usergroup Manager, for the 'registered users' usergroup, permissions are that they can delete their own posts, which has precedence? If I would like to set the permissions such that registered can't delete their own posts site-wide, how would I go about it? Do I need to individually set permissions for every channel? I have over 50 channels, so this could be laborious.

    Thank you.

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    Editing the permissions under Usergroups gives you a place to create a baseline that is inherited by all the Channels. If you need to need to fine tune permissions for specific channels (and their children) then you can change them in the Channel Permissions.
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