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revert pages with newly created templates back to the default template

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  • revert pages with newly created templates back to the default template

    Previously, I edited some pages and when I saved the changes, instead of overwriting the default template, I saved the changes as new templates with their own unique template names. Now some pages still have the default template name, and some have their own template name.

    The problem is that now when I edit pages, all the pages that use the default template name are edited simultaneously, which is good. But the other pages with their own template names have to be individually edited (I have to individually edit over 100 such pages, which is just too time consuming).

    How can I revert (assign) all the pages with unique template names back to the default template?

    If you look at the below pictures, on the bottom right corner, one has the template name "Feel The Beat, ID:153", and one has the template name "Default Conversation Page Template, ID:4". I would like to convert (assign) the page with the 'Feel Beat Template' back to the the 'Default Conversation Page Template'.

    My site is a mess because of all the individual templates - changes made to one page don't reflect in others, so many pages have to be individually edited.

    I appreciate any and all help.

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    Hang on...I think I've figured it out. Will update if I have any further problems.


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      In the future, you could choose to save a new template by selecting "Overwrite Template" to No. This would preserve the original template of the page. However, creates more work if you want all channel or topic pages to use the same new template. You would have to enter each one and edit the page to change the template from the template tab.
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