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Channels not showing after creating a new page

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  • Channels not showing after creating a new page

    Edit: I found my problem concerning the following original question after fiddling around with it for a little while. . When I created the new page I didn't name it but I had named the home page URL/Forum, so the URL to the Forum became the default to the "new page". I simply renamed the new page then deleted the default home page extension of "/forum" and back to normal.The URL now defaults back to the Home Page.

    SIgned up for Vb5 cloud yesterday.
    Created First Forum Channels using Quick Setup.
    Saved then created a new page.
    Can no longer see any channels on main page.
    Attempted to fix it in Site Builder and Admin Control Panel Channel Manager.
    Deleted old channels, edited on blank page, Channels show up in Site Builder and Channel Manager but not on the Forum
    Made every change I can think of but must be missing something because I am having no luck getting the channels to show up.

    Searched and followed suggestions for fixes with similar issues on the support forum. Not only do some not work, the layout is not the same as in my licensed Vb5 and there are things missing. Cannot delete new page as suggested because there is no delete for new pages, cannot find the new page even if I wanted to because it doesnt show up anywhere on forum Site BUilder or Admin Control Panel.

    The Channels are there, creating in site builder, managing in Admin Control Panel not a problem, I am just not seeing them show up on the Forum (After creating the new page).

    No idea what the problem could be. Any suggestions?
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    It is kind of confusing on the steps you followed here. When you created a new page, did you set this as your Home Page? If so, it won't show the Forums. The module for adding the forum list to a a page is a restricted module. You should still be able to see the list of channels by linking to /forums/ on your site.
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      I did set the new page as the home page, but not intentionally. What I did while working in the Site builder is after making changes to the Home Page upon saving I gave it a /forum extension. Then when I created the new page I saved it and failed to give it an extention so the URL was now pointed to the new page. So where the Home Page was now m/forum. The New Page address was now m. So the URL was pointing directly at the new page. So I ended up updating the Home Page while looking at the new page and not being able to see anything. Took me a little while to realize what I had done.


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