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Is Google Analytics track the pages visited?

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  • Is Google Analytics track the pages visited?

    I see in the privacy part of the help that the "Website will track the pages you visits via Google Analytics." I don't see a setting for this function and I don't understand why it would be in a forum like ours which is not for commercial purposes.

    Is it there? If so, can I disable it?

    Adding to my question. If there is a link inside a post to some external URL, does this function advise Google of what that user did and then start putting ads up?
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    If you added your Google Analytics code to your site in the AdminCP under Settings -> Options -> Search Engine Tools, then yes they will be tracked by Google. It isn't enabled automatically. Tracking how users utilize your site has many implications beyond commercial purposes. For instance, you can tell what is popular on the site doing this and direct content to that topic.

    The help is also generic to fit all vBulletin sites. You can edit the User Help in the Help Manager within the AdminCP.

    If you use Google Analytics and the other site uses Google Analytics, then the user will be tracked when they exit your site via a link. If you have Google Analytics disabled, then the receiving site will still get the referring information from the user's browser (i.e. where they came from). There is no way to control that.
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