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  • Forums show having new items when there are no new items


    Can I get some help with this, possibly this is a setting I missed somewhere.

    When a visitor come to the front of the forum, all channels are showing as having new items even though there are none. I am guessing that is because the system does not know if they have been here before. Once an individual logs in, only the forums with new content show up as having new content.

    I currently use 2 different graphics for new and old content by using the following 2 selectors:

    ".forum-list-container .cell-forum .icon {}
    .forum-list-container .cell-forum .icon {}"

    What additional selector would I need to add to determine if the visitor is logged in or not to ".forum-list-container .cell-forum .icon {}"?

    One other issue I found is that even though a user may click the "Mark This Channel Read " in the bottom of the posts page, the channel still calls the "new" CSS selector in the Forum List until the individual open every single post. I would think "Marking all read" would clear out the system tag that there are any new messages in the channel so the user did not have to click each one and show the channel read.

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    Any help with this?


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      I'm not sure I see the problem here.

      If the user is not logged in, then everything on the forum is going to be new/unread.

      The forum can only display a user's read and unread posts once they have logged in.

      If the guest user reads threads, then those threads will start to show as read to them after a time, but that's just done with a cookie and if they look in on another browser or another device, everything will be new/unread again.

      There's simply no way to track what threads someone has read unless they actually log in

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      • MrBillFSE
        MrBillFSE commented
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        It is not a problem, it was a question. What selector identifies whether a user is logged in or not in CSS? I want to use a different graphic for unread threads for users that are logged in versus guest users.

        The problem is that the system is not recognizing a user marking a channel all read because after doing so and returning to the forum list, it is still showing as having unread threads. The user has to go into each topic individually and open it. What is the point of having a"mark all read" if it is still going to show up as having unread threads.
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