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The calendar does not populate when I add one to a post.

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  • The calendar does not populate when I add one to a post.

    I have not seen the calendar update work. I just tried again with a test in a topic in a forum. I use the calendar icon to set up a date for July 7 and it does not show on the calendar. Am I doing something wrong or is there something wrong with the system?

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    After I posted this earlier, it the calendar started populating if viewed from the forum Upcoming Events window with the View Events in Calendar link. But nothing shows when the calendar is opened from the Forum sub menu button. I see the vBulletin admin logged in an put a post about july 4. That as well as the others still don't show on the calendar accessed by the sub menu button.
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      So you have created a new topic as an event content type?
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        I can confirm this on your site. I don't know the cause yet.
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