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How to add a link in footer to a phrase to be displayed.

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  • How to add a link in footer to a phrase to be displayed.

    I created a phrase and put the name of it in the URL for a new footer link. It does not work. What do I have to do to make that happen. In the instructions it says the link has to be a page. Does that mean I have to put up a whole page for that? Can I get it to just display the message in a box on the screen after they click the link and then have a dismiss X or something for the visitor to close it.

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    You can't use phrases directly.

    When you create your link, add the text in the title field. Put the URL of the link in the Target URL field. If the destination in on your forum all you need is the route (the part after the / following the domain name i.e forum/vbcloud/). If the destination is outside your vBulletin installation, you need to use the entire URL (i.e.
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