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Putting ads on my cloud site

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  • Putting ads on my cloud site

    Hey all,

    I am trying to add Google Ads to my cloud hosted site and I think I've done it right
    - I've added an Ad module to the bottom of my page, put my <script> code from Google Ads, but there are no ads appearing.

    My AdSense account is "We're reviewing your site" status, but I would have thought something would appear?
    What have I done wrong? I couldn't see anything in the manual easily (although I did have a guy-look)

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    What you have described is exactly how we place the ad code on our cloud site but also make sure that you have ticked the correct boxes of who you want to ads to show to, or you might have accidentally excluded yourself as admin and that is why you are not seeing them.

    It can sometimes take a while for ads to appear, I would give it a couple of hours and see if they show then.

    There is also more here about having your site reviewed:
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      "We're reviewing your site"
      Your site seems to be waiting for approval. Nothing may show until it is approved. Make sure you check the settings that Mrs. T mentioned


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        So Adsense rejected my site because they couldn’t see the code in the HTML header
        I’m on my phone but I’ll check out that link you posted in a little bit


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          You need to put the Google Owner verification meta tag in the system under Settings -> Options -> Search Engine Tools.
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            Thanks! I thought that may have been it because I didn't see the appropriate tag in my <head>

            The other reason they may have rejected my application is that I run a relationship forum, and that may fall under "mature content"


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