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    how do I make the default for an uploaded image be medium? I know you can go back and edit for a bigger size but many of my posters are unaware.

    also, when I go back to edit the image so it can make it bigger, how do I get rid of the original small image?

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    If you use the Insert Image tool on the editor's toolbar (seen when pressing the A button), it should initially show the image as full size in the editor window. You can double-click on it to resize or use the resize handle in the lower right corner of the image to resize it.

    If you're using the Attachment (paper clip and file icon on the Editor), then it will insert using the size you choose. Adding another copy will require you to remove the first copy to remove it. Any image inserted inline should not show in the Attached Files box.

    For Photo Galleries (Camera Icon in the Editor), you cannot resize the images. They will show as thumbnails until someone clicks on them.
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