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    Our ad module is getting a bit full and starting to look cluttered. The real problem is how hard it is getting to read some of the info in each ad banner, I keep having to make banners smaller to fit nicely. If we add too many more sponsors I don't know what I am are going to do. I don't want to add a 3rd line of banners for PC viewers.

    Before we came to VB Cloud, we had a mod that put our sponsors down the left side of the page, in a box that was collapsible. Once the user clicked to collapse the box with ads, it went away and the site went full page. Guessing we can't do that now tho. I've also tried to like crazy to get the ads to rotate with each page refresh, but I have yet to find a way to make sure multiple banners don't show at the same time, and that new banners always appear, so like 1 guy never gets his to appear. At least not without adding urls to code until my fingers bleed.

    We don't want to place ads between threads, we think that looks cluttered and unappealing to our members. We'd also prefer not to put any of them at the bottom of the page.

    Any thoughts and ideas would be appreciated. If you want to look, here is our site (hope its ok I add this):

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    Through this thread I found you can rotate banners in the ad modules - you may want to look there and give that a try:

    What's wrong with having banners on the left/right side of the page always that aren't collapsible? Or maybe you set it so that those banners show up on the main page, in your subforums, but not on your post threads.

    I run a sidebar on my site and I don't find it looks cluttered with it - on a mobile platform it doesn't appear or rather defaults to the bottom of the page so that users can still read the content just fine...
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