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  • Admin Email from Forum for Mods and Admins

    I'm upgrading from VB4 to VB5 in the Cloud and I keep running into things that are not there and I'm not sure where they are.

    My latest is that in what used to be called "Forum Manager"....I could click on a Forum and there was an option to have emails sent to a specific email every time there was a new POST and/or every time there was a new thread.

    This was how I kept track of everything.....I have several emails that would receive messages from specific area....I have a for sale area and a PROBLEM area and a picture area and so keep it all organized, different areas would send different emails from different forum every time there was a new thread created. AS YOU KNOW running a board like this VB board, everyone loves to hear from those who know what they are talking about....and that is how everyone is on my board.

    I would let me go in and make a comment on every one of these NEW THREAD....keeping everyone happy.

    NOW, on VB5, when I go to Channel Manager....that option is not there. HOW do I do it now?


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    Have a german tutorial for that topic here:

    Translated by google:
    Moderators and admin notification for posts: Depending on the setting, moderators (including super moderators) and administrators will receive an email for each post. This can be individually defined in AdminCP under the category "Manage Channels" in the menu item Moderator Permissions for each individual user. Here the following settings can be made:

    E-mail settings

    Receive email notification on a new topic
    Receive e-mail notification for a new posts


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      I use the subscribe option at the top of the forum I want to receive notifications about. This is on the actual forum, not in the admin section, as it is a feature for all members.

      You can then choose whether to have email notifications for subscriptions in the notification settings in your profile.
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        You can set up emails for Administrators and Moderators under Channel Management -> Moderator Permissions. There is a checkbox at the bottom. There is no way to control these on a forum by forum basis though.

        An alternative to email is to "Subscribe" to the forums you want notifications for and they will appear in your Message Center every time a topic within the forum is created or updated.
        Translations provided by Google.

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