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    Is there any way to turn these emails off for moderators and admins. As far as I can tell, the setting is set to message center only, but we still get the emails.

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    Try AdminCP>Channel Management>Moderator Permissions>Scroll to the bottom of page to email preferences>place a check in no in both boxes>then click save If I am wrong on this someone from Support will correct me but i believe this will do it for you.


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      Dale's got it.. i had the same issue once and it was not easy to find where the setting was

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    Originally posted by Dale D-FL View Post
    >place a check in no in both boxes>
    Place a check in 'yes'. No is already checked by default.


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      No, leave them checked as NO If you have both boxes checked no then I would click your avatar at the top of your homepage>user settings> Notifications and scroll down to Private Message. Make sure there is no check mark in that box then click save changes.
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