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    With the Photobucket dilemma causing millions of forum pictures to be lost resulting in broken threads, is there a switch i can flip to not allow off site hosting to the forum?
    I would just like to have the users load the pics directly to the site, and then they will always be there for the future
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    There is no switch at this time. There is a request to add one here:

    Until added, you would have to encourage people to upload their images using the Attachment button or the Insert Image button. The Image button has more versatility but The Attachment button may be easier to pick up for some.

    Click image for larger version

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    (Insert) Image:
    Click image for larger version

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      Would like to wake this up, maybe get the attention of others.

      This can not only be a black eye for forum admins and their sites, but for vBulletin also, and I realize this is no fault of vBulletin, we just need another tool, it does impact all of us, who wants to visit a forum with fragmented content. Pictures and video are SO important to todays forums who are trying to compete or keep up with social media, I think the ability to block certain 3rd party picture links are an investment in the future of our communities and vBulletin.

      My site has broken photobucket links all over it, really disruptive to members. My site is 20+ years in the making with a storehouse of technical discussion on equipment, its super frustrating for somebody to be researching info on legacy equipment and having things all messed up with broken links.

      Not much I can do to fix those old links, but I would sure like to prevent them from making new ones.

      For those who are just starting or have not had their forums running long enough to see the impact, take it from somebody who has been at it for while, one day you may wish you would have addressed this issue earlier.

      Please vote for this one!

      Thank You!

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